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I am running a Crowdfunding Competition to coincide with the release of my new single "Keep Me Waiting" and First Prize is Myself playing a 3 hour Concert at your House, Pub, Club, Yacht or what have you! The Competition is open to everyone on my email list.

The winner will be the person who donates the most money to my campaign and everyone who enters will receive a copy of my song "Keep Me Waiting". There will also be consolation prizes of "Randomizer" T Shirts (My next single release, Early 2023) for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 50th highest donors.

Anyone anywhere in the World can enter but donations will have to be higher to cover travel costs as per the following schedule:

1$            100 km radius from Bushfield, Victoria

$10 or more    300 km radius from Bushfield, Victoria

$100 or more    Anywhere in Australia

$1,000 or more   Anywhere in the World!

Enter by clicking the button below and donating as much as you like.

Good Luck, and I'll see YOU at YOUR PARTY!

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Nick How


Hi All!

Lot's to chat about since we all went through that "thing" (what was it called again?) I took time out in the 2nd year of lockdown to do a heap of online music courses (fearing that my live career may never recover, as did so  many other muso's!)

The upshot is I've now got 2 songs ready to release and a heap more in pre-production.

         The first one "Keep Me Waiting" will be released November 25th 2022, I'll have more to say about a release party to be announced.

The second song "Randomizer" was me riffing around with something my 10 year old son, Daniel said: "Apparently I'm My Father's Randomizer!"

         My wife Sherryn and I grabbed a bottle of wine and a rhyming dictionary and BAM! there it was.

It was  co-produced by Joel Okeefe from Airbourne who like most other musicians on the planet, suddenly found themselves with time on their hands and I am delighted he jumped at the chance to get some cracking sounds happening for me. It was mastered by Melbourne's own "Jack the Bear" Mantz and will be released early in 2023.

        I'm lining up some gigs to go with all this so keep an eye on here as I will add them as they come to hand.

        Hope to catch you at a venue soon,




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